Quality Policy

COMERCIAL COPAIN, S.A... recognizes Quality as a strategic tool in the overall management of the company. For this reason, we have chosen the model of the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 standard to develop a Quality Management System that through:

  • The systematization of processes and their continuous improvement
  • The control of processes and products and the establishment of objectives and indices
  • Risk-based thinking, to minimize them while taking advantage of opportunities
  • Motivation and orientation of personnel towards recognizing Quality as a basic and permanent task within the company.

leads us to:

Achieve the satisfaction of the needs and expectations of direct and indirect customers, and of other interested parties such as employees, financial entities, creditors, and suppliers

  • Compliance with product requirements, including legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Increasing the competitiveness of our company, assuming a proactive attitude to prevent causes that may lead to Non-Conformities.
  • Sustaining continuous improvement as a priority in Quality Management.
  • Managing human resources in the context of continuous improvement to achieve greater efficiency in management.

In our company, all of this is reflected in the following general objectives of the quality policy:

  • Ensure that the products supplied to our customers comply with applicable standards and also meet customer specifications.
  • Meet delivery deadlines
  • Provide the best possible technical advice
  • Be effective in all processes to avoid customer complaints and to remain competitive in the electrical components market.

The achievement of these general objectives will be periodically monitored by setting specific objectives measured by indicators, in the key processes identified by the Management of COMERCIAL COPAIN, S.A. From the monitoring of these indicators, we will obtain information and encouragement to fulfill the commitment we have made regarding the continuous improvement of the system and the minimization of risks. The results will be communicated to all personnel.

Finally, we must emphasize that to achieve what is stated here, we must have the active collaboration of all personnel in the company, especially department heads, and establish effective and mutually beneficial communication with suppliers and all interested parties

José Ramón Amo


Cerdanyola del Vallès on 30/05/17