Ethical Code: Corporate values and ethical principles

1. Commitment and respect for current and applicable legislation

The current legal regulations applicable in each of the situations in the course of our activities must be respected and complied with at all times.

No relationship or commercial activity will be established with anyone who has links and/or promotes illegal commercial or professional activities.

2. Respect for human rights

It will contribute to the respect, protection and promotion of human rights in all the organization's actions, firmly condemning any type of forced labor or child labor.

3. Good faith and honesty

Professional and commercial relationships will be established based on clarity, objectivity, seriousness and honesty, avoiding illegal, unethical or fraudulent conduct.

4. Respect and commitment to the confidentiality of personal data

The confidentiality of personal data accessed due to our professional activity must be maintained at all times, even after it has ended. It is essential to implement appropriate security measures to protect your own and third parties' confidential or personal data.

5. Respect and equal treatment

Relationships based on respect, participation, equity and collaboration will be promoted, promoting a respectful work environment in order to achieve a positive work environment.

Any type of harassment, abuse, intimidation, lack of respect and consideration will not be tolerated in the organization.

No type of discrimination will be allowed due to sex, age, religion, nationality or any other circumstance protected by law.

6. Anti-corruption and bribery policy

Any type of corruption, bribery or influence peddling will not be accepted to carry out a professional activity, whether with the public administration or in the private sphere.

Gifts and handouts to employees or on behalf of them are not permitted under any circumstances, except for normal or courtesy commercial practices whose value is symbolic.

7. Prevention of occupational risks

The provisions of current and applicable legislation regarding occupational risk prevention will be complied with at all times.

8. Compliance with tax and Social Security matters

Any illicit practice that involves the illicit evasion of paying taxes to the detriment of the Public Treasury and the competent Social Security will be avoided.

9. Transparency in financial and accounting data

The economic, financial and equity information must be reflected faithfully, in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and applicable international financial reporting standards.

10. Commitment and respect for the environment

A responsible attitude towards the environment will be ensured, as well as the commitment to comply with environmental legislation and the rational use of resources. Therefore we avoid committing any act that degrades the environment.

11. Conflict of interest

We will ensure that all decisions are based on the maximum interest for the organization and not on personal interest. Our decisions will be based on professional criteria and not personal benefits. In the event of a conflict of interest we will inform the organization.

12. Supervision

To ensure full compliance with this Code of Ethics, it must be shared and known by the entire organization, as well as its compliance verifiable when required.